Hk G41

Hk G41. Das g41 ist ein sturmgewehr von heckler & koch, das ab 1979 bei der bundeswehr erprobt wurde. It is not

8Mm Breda

8Mm Breda. 8x50rmm lebel $ 8.05 ea. Top cover opens to reveal the automag rt pro paintball marker with electronic trigger. PRE

Webley Fosbery Replica

Webley Fosbery Replica. Breaks open, cocks, dry fires and chamber revolves correctly. Autoloaders were making inroads into the military gun market but

Us P90

Us P90. In addition, 40 nations accross the world currently deploy it. Component of the integrated 5.7x28mm weapons system. FN Herstal Licensed

P224 Pistol

P224 Pistol. The demand of new sig sauer p224 pistol's has risen 3 units over the past 12 months. It's available in

Russian Svd

Russian Svd. Russian assault pack new calibers patch: 7.62x54r dragunov svd izhmash russian 24 inch barrel wilmington, nc 28405: Russian svd dragunov


M40. This meant that the weapon required the user to manage the integrated bolt handle assembly after each successive shot, introducing a

Sig Rattler Msrp

Sig Rattler Msrp. We are here for all inquiries. Sig’s rattler platform has never been more compact, it ‘s the perfect choice

Rasheed Rifle

Rasheed Rifle. 5 item was exactly what i was looking for. The ag42b is a 6.5×55 and is my 1st choice. RARE