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Steyr Tmp. There are already plenty of these weapons. It comes with a fixed foregrip, mounting rails for optic sights on top, and can have a side folding stocking.

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The steyr tmp is an austrian machine pistol chambered for the 9x19mm round. It was developed by steyr in the early 1990's as a private venture. Steyr tmp (tactical machine pistol) is a submachine gun featured in crossfire.

The Tmp Is A Machine Pistol Manufactured By Steyr Mannlicher That Chambers The 9X19Mm Parabellum Round.

The steyr tmp is held by armored pirandello kruger patrol and riot shield units. Steyr tmp (tactical machine pistol) is a submachine gun featured in crossfire. The steyr tmp (taktische maschinenpistole) is a swiss submachine gun developed by steyr in 1989.

It Made Its First Appearance In Madness Apotheosis Having A Darker Color.

It is similar to the steyr aug in that its made mostly of synthetic parts and takes transparent waffle pattern magazines. Depending on the exact definition used it can be classified as either machine pistol or sub machine gun. The a2 mf series brings the steyr pistol line into the modern world and beyond sporting new features and a redesigned, modular frame.

Also Like Other Submachine Guns, It Uses Smg Ammo.

The most obvious visual difference is the front barrel tube (now bright silver and not threaded like the original tube/shroud), the integration of rails on the top of the receiver and the new style side folding buttstock. The tmp is a sub machine gun of austrian origin. The firearm was produced until 2001 by steyr, and brügger & thomet took over production with their mp 9.

Because Of Its Jhp Rounds, It Has The Same Tagging Effect As The Ares Smg:

A suppressor can also be fitted. It is one of the lightest smgs and is very fast to draw and reload. The steyr tmp uses submachine gun ammo.

Praised For Their Accuracy, Craftsmanship, And Reliability.

Slowing down a target upon successful hits. Steyr tmp (tactical machine pistol) is a submachine gun featured in crossfire: It is reported that the tmp is very controllable in full.


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