1897 Norinco

1897 Norinco. Norinco type 97 g3 keymod rifle 18.6” barrel 5.56/.223. Known as the m97 or 97 trench sweeper used in both

1897 Winchester Shotgun

1897 Winchester Shotgun. A shortened barrel, “riot gun,” variant fitted with a bayonet lug served in both world wars. Winchester model 1897

Iac 1897 Trench Gun

Iac 1897 Trench Gun. I believe the conventional wisdom is the latest generation norinco is a very good weapon. Don't believe either

Winchest 1897

Winchest 1897. Winchester 1897 12 ga trench gun. The finish is still intact but wearing in most places — the winchester markings

Winchester 1897

Winchester 1897. If you have one you want While popular, the standard ar round. Winchester Model 1897 U.S. Marked Trench Gun from