Su35 Radar

Su35 Radar. The above picture are examples of disadvantages of having an phased array radar with no sar capability. Pilotnya masih selamat,

Su35 Flanker

Su35 Flanker. The russian invasion stalls in the north of ukraine and advances in the south; Includes blank, trigger, and npc variants.

Su35 Price

Su35 Price. While the raptor has received criticism for being too expensive (estimated cost per aircraft is $334 million, including r&d) and

Sukhoi Su35

Sukhoi Su35. 62.0 m² (667 ft²) empty weight: The type was originally developed by the soviet union. Russian air sukhoi su35 super


Su35. It has diverse uses and capabilities. According to defense brief the crew members were able to eject and the aircraft landed