Tavor 7 Length

Tavor 7 Length. Reinforced polymer bullpup configuration msrp: 17″ (432 mm) and 20 (508 mm) overall length:

IWI Israel Weapon Industries TAVOR 7 BULLPUP 7.62 X 51MM
IWI Israel Weapon Industries TAVOR 7 BULLPUP 7.62 X 51MM from

It has a rotating bolt system ensuring maximum safety for the user. 17″ (432 mm) and 20 (508 mm) overall length: The design for tight spots like indoors or in vehicles the difference in fps would be a bad trade off.

I’m Guessing The Name Tavor 7 Comes From The “7” In 7,62.

The tavor 7 is the base variant of this rifle, with a 432 mm (17 in) long barrel, and 730 mm (28.7 in) overall length. The tavor 7’s very short overall length is deceiving. I say the 16.5” is the sweet spot.

The Design For Tight Spots Like Indoors Or In Vehicles The Difference In Fps Would Be A Bad Trade Off.

Kg) (w/o magazine) rate of ire (approx. $2,099 uses any natomil std 7.62 steel / aluminum / polymer magazine optimized ergonomic design While stout, this weight places it on par with many other.

Tavor 7 Is Made Of Superior Steel And High Strength Impact Modified Polymer;

1:12″ twist, 4 grooves, right hand. Subscribe to our email list. 4 rh grooves, 1:12″ twist;

Magpul Pmag 10, 20, Or 25 Round Detachable;

Tavor 7 | technical data model caliber riling barrel length (mm) total length (mm) weight (approx. The tavor carries the usual reliability expected of all iwi products with some increased ergonomic features. The tavor 7 has a 16.5” barrel, the 20” barrel gains you no more than 100 fps velocity.

Reinforced Polymer Bullpup Configuration Msrp:

The tavor 7 overwatch full length top rail rail features 35 picatinny slots and spans the full length of the top of the receiver and forend just like the oem top rail. 26.75″ with 16″ barrel (without flash suppressor) weight:. That’s just the tavor 7, not counting the added weight of an optic and suppressor.


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