Winchester 1897 Barrel

Winchester 1897 Barrel. The top of the barrel is marked manufactured by the winchester repeating arms haven, conn. If it is seized use some kriol.

Winchester 1897, 12ga, 2 Barrels ¦ My Guns For Sale
Winchester 1897, 12ga, 2 Barrels ¦ My Guns For Sale from

2 3/4″ shells action type: No firearms are sold on this site. All itar rules in effect.

Don't Cut Up A Vintage Piece, They Aren't Making Them Anymore.

All parts kits sold on this site do not include a receiver. Pump action shotgun, tube fed, exposed hammer markings: Shotgun barrel antique vintage part up for auction is this antique/vintage model 1897 winchester 12 gauge barrel.

The Used Value Of A Winchester 1897 Shotgun Has Fallen ($48.55) Dollars Over The Past 12 Months To A Price Of $867.78.

Call for pricing and other information. Winchester 1897 action slide lock joint pin $ 7.23 add to. Wwii guns do not have that stamp.

The Best Winchester 1897 Repair Shop In The Usa !

Contact us for additional information. It's missing 90% of its finish and has some deep cuts around contact points. Not sure it could be repaired, but think it could be.

No Deep Cuts, Gouges, Or Deep Rust Pitting.

Wwi guns have standard winchester stamps on the left side of the barrel. 115 rows the model 1897 was an evolution of the winchester model 1893 designed by john browning. All itar rules in effect.

Custom Built 1897 Trench Gun, Solid Frame Serial Number:

Also stamped on barrel is mod, circled vp) 235 x k, and a couple other numbers/letters that are a little harder to make out. I am pleased to announce that international shipping of parts for the 1897 shotguns, original and replica models, has been reviewed and found to be legal for classic old west arms to resume shipments of these parts to most over seas customers. From 1897 until 1957, over one million of these shotguns were produced.


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